Creeping Phlox

I planted this phlox two years ago and it’s at least quadrupled in size. It will get even bigger this year. I planted two other colors at the same time, but they haven’t done nearly as well. I don’t know if it’s grown so well because of the variety or where it’s planted, but I think I’m going to get some more of this variety and find out.


I have this weird space outside the fence that always fills up with tall weeds that end up partially blocking the sidewalk. I was thinking about planting some privacy shrubs here, but the phlox may be a better solution (the shrubs might block the sidewalk too).

A better alternative for walkways

If you’re starting a garden, find out if creeping phlox grows well in your area, and if it does, use that for your pathway instead of mulch. I hate having to re-mulch my walkway every year, and using a groundcover would have been greener and better for the bees. Maybe next year…



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