First Harvest: Arugula 

I made my first harvest of the year yesterday for dinner. This arugula came back from least year and it is spicy! 

Pro tip: use a colander or strainer to collect your harvest so that it’s easy to wash!

Arugula from the garden creates a bed for homemade rice pilaf and sesame roasted broccoli, carrots, and radishes

How to Harvest Arugula

Arugula flowers are cute and edible, and make a great garnish for a salad, but make sure to pick them before they begin to seed, or else the plant will stop producing new growth. Harvesting is like pruning: cut or pinch a leaf or branch just above a branch or new leaf. Don’t be afraid to take as much as you need! The plant will become bushier and new growth will sprout from where you harvest. 


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