Memorial Day Washout Makes for a Happy Garden

It may have been a bad day for Barbecues, but yesterday ended up being a perfect afternoon for gardening here in the Garden State.

It rained overnight and all morning, and after lunch, even though the rain stopped, it stayed cloudy, and about 65 degrees. I realized after a brisk after-lunch walk that I had no excuse not to work in the garden, and the seedlings I had been growing inside since February and March were at their literal do-or-die stage.

Sometimes a soaked garden can make for a muddy mess, but you’re always going to get a bit dirty gardening (if you don’t, you’re not doing it right), and damp soil is great for planting new seedlings—and for pulling up pesky weeds. It depends on your type of soil, but our mixture of clay and dark, rich soil is softened by the rain, and it was so easy to pull up the running roots of some of the worst offenders.

If you’re procrastinating planting the seedlings you started, use your next rainy day to tackle the chore. You only need a short break in the rain to quickly put them in, and you won’t have to worry about watering afterward. Plus, you weren’t going to do anything anyway. Win-win.


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